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Looking for a free credit card? Find them here!

We have already discussed the credit cards in detail in Credit card on this site. In this article you will find all important credit cards that you can request online. It is true that every bank does offer a Visa card or Master card. But which banks now offer a free credit card? Here too we make a distinction between Belgium and the Netherlands. Attention! It is not possible to apply for a credit card in Belgium if you are from the Netherlands. The same applies vice versa.

Free credit cards

With free credit card we mean that there are no annual costs associated with having a credit card. In certain cases you pay an annual contribution without having used the card. We will now list them briefly. Why free credit card? It is clear that in Belgium there is more choice between free credit cards than in the Netherlands.

The reason that certain banks offer a free Visa card or Mastercard is because they want to draw potential doubts. By making a card available for free, banks hope that the cards will be used eagerly. The disadvantage is that these cards usually have fewer options. In addition, the card is only free during the first year! After that a contribution will be asked if you want to continue using the card.

If you choose American Express, it is possible that you paid for the first credit card but that the second card etc. is free. American Express is quite generous in giving extra cards. In this way they hope that many money transactions will take place via these cards. You can see it as a kind of family card or business card that different parties can use.

Why pay a contribution for your payment card?

Credit cards fall under International payment cards. This means the costs for coverage are higher. For an ordinary Debit card there is an account number opposite. Banks earn money when a customer deposits money into this account number. Because of this, debit cards are often offered for free. Unlike credit companies, they don’t have this.

In addition, these credit companies are bound by additional coverage obligations:

  • travel insurance
  • fraud insurance
  • theft insurance

This coverage entails costs. These are paid by the customer.

In addition, they want to prevent everyone from just applying for a credit card. To avoid this, an annual cost is charged that the customer pays.

Borrow money with your credit card

Attention When you pay with a credit card, you borrow the amount until the end of the month. When you buy a new handbag, you will be presented with the bill at the end of the month. If the credit card is linked to an account number, the loan amount is deducted at the end of the month.


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